2020/2021 Competition Team Auditions

ATTENTION 2022 SEASON APPLICANTS: The info below from last season is for reference ONLY so you can get an idea of the time and financial commitments for joining company. Auditions will be IN PERSON the weekend of August 7-8, 2021. All info is subject to change but in general the number of classes and competitions are accurate. Pricing and the process for auditions will change. And, of course, all the dates below are inaccurate for the 2022 season auditions. The updated info will be released in early July. Make sure to add your name to the request for info list if you are not currently enrolled in any studio classes: https://forms.gle/FYfvj5pTxn82yrwL7


Welcome to the 2020/2021 Season OCPAA Competition Team Auditions! We will NOT be holding traditional in-person auditions for returning Company and Dance Club. New students should read carefully below about how to be evaluated for placement. The faculty may decide to hold in person evaluations for new students if necessary. All parents will receive info in advance with dates and times should this happen. All pricing, policies and dates are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH NOTICE. Once all applications are processed we will release a full packet of details regarding schedules, policies and pricing. The info below reflects what has been traditionally done but may change due to impacts from the pandemic.

Students who applied for OCPRO must ALSO fill out an application per the below.

Tentative Timeline

8/22 – Final deadline to apply for Company – please email tammy.ocpaa@gmail.com for info or apply below
9/4 – Announcement of new teams and schedule, registration for new schedule opens (rec and company)
9/8 – New season starts with new teams and Schedules
9/25 – Groups are announced
10/5 – Group rehearsals begin this week

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: We are doing our best to navigate all the changes and updates that have greatly impacted the dance industry this year. The 20/21 season is planned to be a transitional year. Our plan is to incorporate as much as the 19/20 season groups, costumes and props where feasible and appropriate. Since we do not know the status of competitions going in to this our goal for the season will be ensuring continued access to technical training first and foremost while preparing and rehearsing for our groups in whatever capacity the competitions will allow us to compete. Thank for your patience and cooperation through all of this.

Audition Process

To apply for OCPAA Company please complete the TWO steps listed below:

FINAL DEADLINE: August 22, 2020

  1. Company Application: click the link to fill out your student info and group request for 20/21. (One form submission per student)https://forms.gle/j8ejFQgybvJUFHvj8
  2. Policy Agreement: click the link to agree to the 20/21 policies. (one agreement submission per family)https://forms.gle/7Gk8FuNjYgvH8r6X6


All pricing, policies and dates are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH NOTICE. Once all applications are processed we will release a full packet of details regarding schedules, policies and pricing. The info below reflects what has been traditionally done but may change due to impacts from the pandemic.

  • Team placements for technique training will be announced at the end of August/early September. The Fall/Spring class schedule will start in September 2020. Group placements will be announced by the end of September and group rehearsals will begin in early October.
  • Groups, or competition dances, are what the students are auditioning for. Each group a student is placed in will have a $15 rehearsal fee per group, per month, beginning in October. Each group will have its own entry fee & teacher fee per competition, costume, music fee and possible prop fee.
  • Dancers auditioning for Company may be placed in Dance Club.
  • Placement in groups and teams is decided by the teachers and shall not be up to discussion with parents.
  • Teachers decide the style of dance for all groups and solos/duets/trios – not parents.
  • Company/Dance Club members may not compete on another company team at the same time.
  • Company/Dance Club members may not take privates or classes at studios with competition teams.
  • All competition dances including solos, duets and trios are property of OCPAA and may not be entered in competitions under another studio.
  • Tuition must be paid 12-months of the year to maintain your position on Company.
  • Company/Dance Club does not take breaks during the summer. Any breaks after nationals will be communicated shortly before. Full tuition will still be due.
  • The competition season runs from February to July with approximately 5-7 competitions.
  • The National level competition may occur out of state and require travel and a hotel stay.
  • All required competitions may not be missed.
  • A SAVE THE DATE calendar will be released in the Fall. This will have most important dates for company on it. Please review this and add the dates to your family calendar ASAP.
  • Participation in the studio Holiday Recital and Summer Finale is required.
  • Rehearsals for the 2021 Season will begin in the Fall 2020. Please expect several impromptu weekend rehearsals to occur from September – February in preparation.
  • Studio rules and dress code must be followed at all times.
  • Excessive absences may be grounds for removal from your team.
  • If a student quits after groups have been assigned and rehearsals have started it will there will be no refunds for tuition, costume fees or competition fees.

This is a general guideline and the final schedule will be announced at the end of August/early September.

OCPAA will continue to offer technique classes via Zoom in addition to in-person classes to meet the needs of all families.

  • Ages 4-5: 3 to 4 required classes
  • Ages 5-8: 5 to 7 required classes
  • Ages 8-12: 6 to 8 required classes
  • Ages 12-18: 5 to 8 required classes (as our students become teens and seniors there are less mandatory classes in consideration of their upper grade school requirements and other commitments)
  • There will also be around 1-4 per team (depending on age) competition team only optional classes available on the schedule for the dancers to enroll in
  • Please see ocpaadance.com/register for tuition fees but please note that this could be updated with our new schedule starting in September.
  • There will be a monthly tuition fee for required company classes, any optionals you choose to take PLUS group rehearsal fees ($15 per group/per month). Please see our website for tuition fees and policies.
  • If your student is placed in a group by an OCPAA resident choreographer they will have no choreography fee.
  • If you student is place in a group by an OCPAA guest choreographer there will be a $150-$300 choreography fee. This amount will be communicated at placement and you will have the option to decline placement in the group. However, if you decline there may be no additional group available for the student.
  • Choreography fees for solos ($350) and duets/trios ($150 each) – one time fee paid directly to choreographer
  • GROUP costumes will be up to $250 each plus a $25 deposit for rhinestones. Once the costume is finished, the rhinestones will be counted and you will receive a $25 credit if no stones or used or will need to pay the remaining cost if the rhinestones used went over the $25 deposit.
  • A payment structure will be announced allowing 3-4 payments for the costume balance
  • All costume fees must be paid by Jan 1 unless otherwise indicated for a later date.
  • If any costumes end up costing less than the initial payment amount the difference will be credited.
  • All solo/duet/trio costumes are the responsibility of the parents to design (with choreographer) and have made. Parents are responsible for hiring a seamstress or may also buy a used costume. OCPAA will not take payment for or facilitate the creation of costumes for solos, duets and trios. More details to follow for those who do solos/duets/trios.
  • Music fees are collected to cover the costs of sourcing, cutting and editing the music for all dances. It also covers preparing the music files for transfer to the competition organizers.
  • $10 per student/per group collected by OCPAA
  • $15 per student/per duet/trio payable to choreographer
  • $20 per solo payable to the choreographer
  • Estimated Fees per dance: $65 per group dance, $70 per duet/trio, and $135 per solo.
  • About $20 more for each routine at Nationals. $5 teacher fee per every teacher you have a dance with. (per competition)
  • Some competitions may require that each dancer pay a mandatory photo/video fee and we will update everyone on this when we collect competition fees
  • The studio will send out a payment schedule for collection of all competition entry fees
  • Prop truck fees ($150 per dancer with props in their groups) – one time fee
  • Prop Fees: this is for the cost of the actual props in the dances.  This is not a fixed fee and will be determined when the props are completed.
  • Company photos are required and will have a fee of $25
  • Company will have a preview show in early 2021 to run the new dances on a stage. The fee will be $25 per dancer and approximately $15 for solos, duets and trios.  Group participation is required.
  • The end of season Company Dinner and Awards Banquet has a ticket fee of approximately $35 per attendee including the dancer.
  • Team gear to show OCPAA pride has varying prices (jackets, hats, shirts, sweaters, etc. for the dancer and their family)
  • Competition required makeup and all accessories (makeup and hair tools, travel gear, etc.)
  • Private lessons are optional unless you have a solo, duet or trio and have a cost of $25-35 per 20-30 minutes. This fee is paid directly to the faculty member you have arranged the private with.

IMPORTANT: This is a TEAM sport. Dancers are expected to support their team by attending all classes, rehearsals and competitions.  Each competition dance depends on the individual dancers to be present and know their choreography in order for the team to be successful. Dancers are placed in competition routines based on their age and skills and how this correlates with the other dancers in the group.  Competition dances are entered in the competitions based on AVERAGE AGE and the TOTAL NUMBER of dancers in the group.  If a dancer drops out this could result in the dance having to be pulled from the competition or entered in a different age or size division not as beneficial to the remaining team members. Dancers will also have to RELEARN the choreography if a team member leaves which is very disruptive.  Please carefully consider your dancer’s and your family’s commitment to joining the company team and recognize the importance of staying committed to your fellow teammates.