“Take Two” 9th Annual Summer Finale

Purchase Tickets To Finale

We have two options available – in person at $25 per ticket and live streaming at $25 per link for both shows – Show #1 at 1:00 PM and Show #2 at 5:00 PM. Students will be performing in BOTH shows.

Please make sure you are purchasing for IN PERSON if you plan to attend the recital at the Nechita Theater. WATCH STREAM can be purchased to view the live stream of the recital from home – great for family and friends who are unable to attend in person!

Here are some important details to note:

  • Each FAMILY is alloted Four Tickets per show – until Saturday, June 12th. After this all tickets will be released for purchase with no restrictions until the theater sells out!
  • Please know which show you want (1pm OR 5pm) IF you’re NOT buying for both as it will sell out! Some parents like to watch one show and help back stage for the next.
  • General Admission, meaning 1st come, 1st served! No assigned seats.
  • At this time, you will have to wear a mask for the entirety of the performance while in the audience.
  • Please include your Dancer’s name for ALL PURCHASES as we will offer a FREE streaming link to ONE lucky family!
  • The ticketing site will be checking that 4 tickets per family, per show is followed until 6/12.
  • For Handicap accommodations, please purchase a ticket and then contact the theater to reserve a handicap seat via: email Crysti.Everhart@lhsoc.org or 714-998-5151, x-640


OCPAA does not handle the ticketing services. If you have any issues with your transaction please contact the ticketing vendor directly on their website under “Support”.

Photo and Dress Rehearsal Day

  • This will take place at the studio on Sunday, June 13th and is mandatory for all participants.
  • The schedule by class is attached – please note the room and time for your different classes and report directly to the room at the time listed. 
  • It is advisable to come 20-30 minutes before your first call time in case we are running early. Only the first 5 groups need to arrive about 10 min prior. 
  • Please arrive in full costume with tights, shoes and hair and light makeup (if desired) for your first class listed. The attached costume list shows the hair, shoes and tights requirements for each class. Don’t forget your costume accessories and hair pieces if applicable!
  • There will be some time conflicts between the photos and rehearsals if students are in multiple classes. In these cases the photos will take priority. Example, if you have a rehearsal for one class and photos for another, go to the photos.  We will also wait for students who have to do costume changes so no one will miss their photo shoot time. These pauses have been considered in the time allotted for each class. Please reply to this email with any conflicts you see with your student’s classes so we can let the photographer know in advance.
  • If you need a dressing room onsite you can use the following rooms which will be reserved for changing – either in the room or bathroom: #2 – Dance Club#8 – Ages 5 & Under#10 – Ages 6 & Up#7 – BoysPlease note that men/boys are not allowed in the girls’ dressing rooms and please no pictures while in the dressing rooms.
  • Some students with multiple classes may need to leave and come back based on their schedule. 
  • Parents are permitted to be with their child while waiting for their times but parents will not be allowed to observe the rehearsal or photos but you can observe the photos from outside of the room. We will have OCPAA staff with the children during rehearsals and the photos but not during the breaks.

As a reminder, participating in the photoshoot is required but purchasing photos is not, however we hope you choose to receive the beautiful digital photos that highlight this moment in your child’s life! We have professional photographers from DymondMedia coming with a full backdrop setup and equipment to capture the students’ photos, which will be delivered as high resolution digital images for printing and sharing.

Families are able to purchase class group photos and individual student photos in the following packages:

  • Basic: Class group photo only of all the kids participating in photo day. $15 for the first class photo and $5 for each additional class photo.
  • Deluxe: Class group photo + individual shots of your child in their class costume with 1 headshot and 2 full body poses. $55 for the first class and $15 for each additional class (class photo and individual shots). You also have the option to add on just your class photos for your additional classes at $5 each.

Please see this flyer for further details.  To book your photo package you can scan the QR code on the flyer or click the link below to visit the photographer’s website:


Payment will be processed at the time of booking through DymondMedia’s website. 

If you are unable to make your class photo time you still have the option to do a drop in photoshoot of your child individually in costume. Please reply to this email if you would like to know the pricing and to be put on the individual shots only list.

Hello OCPAA Families:

We have some important changes to make you aware of. Since each dancer is only allowed to have 2 tickets in the audience to watch their performance we have made the decision to COMBINE the Little Stars with the Big Talent classes so we will have a total of 2 shows featuring ALL dancers and ALL classes. This change will provide our families the opportunity to have 4 guests watch their child perform – 2 per show!  We know that grandparents and other family members will appreciate this chance to attend.  This is especially helpful to families with multiple children in different age levels.

Please make note of the showtimes in your family’s schedule.  All dancers participating in the recital are expected to perform at BOTH show times.

Saturday, June 19th

Show #1: 1:00 pm featuring ALL dancers and ALL classes

Show #2: 5:00 pm featuring ALL dancers and ALL classes

During the break between shows the dancers will have the opportunity to leave the theater and should be back at 4:15 pm. We do not expect the shows to go longer than 2 hours.

It is important that all dancers participate at both the 1:00 pm and the 5:00 pm performances.

The OCPAA Finale is the ultimate showcase for our dancers and lets them demonstrate to friends and family how much they have learned and grown throughout the year.  Performing in the Finale is an award for all of their hard work. Participation in the Finale is not mandatory.  However, once you commit to performing by purchasing a costume you are required to participate in PICTURE DAY/DRESS REHEARSAL and ALL PERFORMANCES YOUR CLASS IS SCHEDULED IN. Please keep in mind that over the next several weeks most dance classes will be spent learning and rehearsing routines for the Finale.  Make sure your email is up to date on the portal so you can be sure to receive the many and important communications about the Finale.

QUESTIONS: email tammy.ocpaa@gmail.com


Nechita Center for the Arts at Orange Lutheran High School

2222 Santiago Blvd, Orange, CA 92867


  • Monday, May 3rd – REGISTRATION & COSTUME ORDER FORMS DUE (costumes can not be guaranteed to arrive in time after this date)
  • Saturday, May 22nd  – TICKETS GO ON SALE A link to purchase on the venue’s website will be emailed out
  • Sunday, June 13th – PICTURE DAY & DRESS REHEARSAL: professional photos at studio and a run through of your dance in your costume. (check your email for the schedule!)
  • Please note that all times are subject to slight adjustments with notice.


Saturday, June 19th

12:15 PM – Arrival time and student check in for Show #1

1:00 PM – Show #1 featuring ALL dancers and ALL classes participating in the recital

4:15 PM – Arrival time and student check in for Show #2

5:00 PM – Show #2 featuring ALL dancers and ALL classes participating in the recital

Please note that all times are subject to slight adjustments with notice.

COSTUMES – Orders due 5/3!

Costume orders are now CLOSED. Please email tammy.ocpaa@gmail.com to find out if there is still time to order your dancer a costume and participate in the recital.

Please turn in your student’s digital costume order form by the deadline of Monday, May 3rd. THE SOONER THE BETTER AS WE WILL ORDER COSTUMES AS FORMS ARE RECEIVED. ORDERING LATE MAY RESULT IN YOUR CHILD’S SIZE NOT BEING AVAILABLE. Costumes placed after May 3rd cannot be guaranteed to arrive in time and may have a rush shipping fee.

Note: This link is only the order form and not payment. You will be asked on the costume order form how you would like to pay for this – cash, check or to charge your card on file.  If you select cash or check you will need to provide payment to the office before your costume is ordered. If you select “card on file” your card will be automatically charged all fees.

The costumes will be delivered to OCPAA.  We will send an email when they are ready to be picked up from the front office. It is important that you get them ASAP to make sure they fit. Please fully label your child’s costume components with their name and dance and keep all items together in one bag. Shoes and tights are not included and must be purchased separately.